camel doing an ice bath inside the house

How to do ice bath at home?

During the time of COVID-19, every one of us were obligated to stay indoors away from the society to lessen the chance of getting sick. This scenario has impacted majority of us to look after our health, maintaining or changing into a more active and healthier lifestyle of eating more natural organic foods and exercising. Aside from the physical affect, a lot of us have also taken into a deeper understanding that mental health is as important.

Ice bath or cold-water therapy is one of subjects that comes into mind whenever a healthy lifestyle is in discussion. It offers great benefits such as physical benefits of aiding into muscle recovery and metabolism, as well as mental health benefits by stabilizing our mind through regulation of breathing and overall triumphant feeling for conquering the fear of cold water. The cold water immersion also helps in reducing cortisol - the stress hormone while increasing endorphins - which is the natural painkiller hormone.

Creating an ice bath experience at home can come handy through these steps:

  1. Fill water and ice cubes or ice blocks into your bath tub
  2. Monitor the water until it reaches an ideal temperature of 50 Fahrenheit (10°C)
  3. Submerge into the water
  4. First timers can try to stay until 3 minutes and should not go any longer than 10 minutes*

* During the cold plunge, focus on maintaining calm breathing and being mindful of your body's signals. If you start shivering intensely or feeling numb, it's a sign that you should exit the cold water. Always prioritize safety and consult a medical professional if you have any underlying health conditions.

Although there are easier alternatives if you would like to easily and more conveniently access cold plunge experience at home. One of the best options is an “iceless” cold plunge experience through using portable bathtubs with chiller system attach into it that you can place anywhere around your house. There is no need to monitor and wait longer until the temperature is ready as it sets to as low as 2°C. The Arctic Camel is one of the solutions that can ship worldwide, they can also provide guidance and answers any queries prior to you placing your order.

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